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Wool Shearers

  • Supplies:

    • To order supplies, wool shearers should call our office at 815-938-2381.

    • Burlap Wool Bags:  We carry two bag sizes:  Short (6 ft) & Long (8 ft).  Please specify quantity & size when ordering.

    • Draft Books:  Each draft has an original and two onion skin copies.  Be sure to have BOTH carbons in place before you complete the draft.  The first copy is for GFW, the second copy is for your records.  Please keep the GFW copies until we come to pick up the wool.  At that time, the first copies will be sent along with the wool on our truck.

  • Wool Pricing:

    • GFW sends current price lists periodically.  These are the prices we are currently paying for wool.  Be sure to adhere to this price list strictly.

    • For questions on current wool pricing, contact Terry at 815-938-2381.

  • Wool Pick-ups:

    • To schedule a pick-up with our wool buyers, please call our office at 815-938-2381.  We need to know the following:

    • Quantity (lbs)

    • Name

    • Address

    • Phone

    • We generally try to schedule a pick-up within 2 to 6 weeks, however, this time frame can vary.

    • Note:  GFW truck drivers MUST be told if there is wool on the truck that is being sent in as ‘grade and yield’.  All grade and yield bags MUST be properly labeled and kept separate.  If you have wool that has been given to you in exchange for shearing, this wool should be handled in the same manner as grade and yield wool.

    • Please remember to give your white slips to the driver at the time of pick-up.

Other General Information:

If we have the wool in our possession (at our warehouse or on our truck) we must have the white slip for the wool, or the wool must be sent in on a grade and yield basis.  All wool should be weighed before it is picked up by GFW.

All ‘Grade & Yield” lots must be marked and kept separate.



New Wool Shearers:

If you are interested in becoming a shearer/buyer for GFW, please call us at 815-938-2381, and ask for Terry.

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