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Turn to Us When You Need a Wool Buyer

GFW is the Midwest’s #1 Wool Buyer!

If you need to know where to sell wool or find shearers in your area, please contact our office @ 815-938-2381.

  • We have over 140 shearers/buyers in 14 states, including the following:

    • Ohio

    • Indiana

    • Michigan

    • Iowa

    • Wisconsin

    • Minnesota

    • South Dakota

    • North Dakota

    • Illinois

    • Missouri

    • Kansas

    • Nebraska

    • Arkansas

    • Oklahoma

We buy all types of sheep wool.  (We do not buy alpaca, llama or mohair).

Note:  For best pricing on your wool and wild fur skins, please keep it clean.  Also, be sure your sheep are kept in a clean, dry pen before shearing.

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